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Course image Understanding The Business of Music
Professional Programmes

This is a one day online workshop webinar presented by Martin Bridgeman and forms part of a fuller course on music and business management.

According to popular perception, those with artistic temperament tend to be poor managers of their own affairs. If this is true, and there is plenty evidence to the contrary, this may be due to the artist’s pre-occupation in their youth for matters that interest them, rather than the development of business and financial acumen.

This programme seeks to address this issue by bringing artists up to date with what they need to secure a just reward for their efforts and to continue with their artistic endeavours and reduce concerns about how they are going to support themselves.

Course image Keep Me Safe
Professional Programmes

This is an important one day workshop webinar presented by Gillian Dunne, Children’s Security Consultant, and Mother of two small children. The Webinar forms the introductory part of an extended course on “KEEP ME SAFE” which will be presented later in the year through ATCEI.

Participants will, on completion of this Webinar, have considerably expanded their knowledge about the physical, emotional and social threats to our early and pre-school children from a world of unprecedented risks and dangers and how to begin preparing them for it.

This webinar is for people whose focus is looking after and taking care of children and with responsibilities for crèches, child- minding facilities and for new and experienced mothers and fathers.

Course image Fire Prevention and the Role of the Fire Warden
Professional Programmes

This is a one day workshop webinar presented by Brendan Kavanagh, a well-known Course Director & Tutor in his field, with over forty-eight years of fire prevention and response experience). The webinar forms part of a fuller course on Training The Trainer Fire Marshal & Fire Warden Roles.

Participants will, on completion of the webinar, have an understanding of the skills and knowledge base required to train in-house fire marshals and fire wardens, plan evacuation drills and understand statutory fire safety obligations.

Specific intended learning outcomes:

  • Basic principles of fire
  • Classification of fires
  • Basic principles of heat transmission and fire spread
  • Common causes and consequences of fires in the workplace
  • Legislation and fire risk assessment requirements
  • Control measures to minimize the risk of fire
  • Structural measures to prevent the spread of fire and smoke
  • Fire detection, fire warning and firefighting equipment
  • Requirements for fire plans
  • Emergency evacuation procedures

Applicants for this webinar should be persons with responsibilities as Fire Wardens or Initial Emergency Responders with Basic Fire Safety Awareness.

The webinar will take place on Saturday 5th February 2022, at 10:00am.